Gülçin Alpöge


Starting School
2012 İstanbul, AÇEV Publications
Starting School is a story about starting school but also about different emotions like happiness, anger, sadness, fear.
The Bug that Loved Lights
2007 İstanbul, Can Publishing
The Bug that Loved Lights is about a tiny bug that likes adventure and bright things. The book is about light, electricity and energy.
Children and Music
2006 İstanbul, BU Publishing
Children and Music includes music activities and songs for young children.
The Bird and the Flowers
2006 İstanbul, AÇEV Publications
The Bird and the Flowers is about a bird that helps the flowers and the flowers that reward him.
A Tale From Odemish
A Tale from Ödemiş is a tale about lies, written with motives taken from a folk tale of Ödemiş region which is in the western part of Turkey. (Unpublished manuscript, Honorable Mention, SCBWI France Competition.)
2000 Ankara, Ministry of Education Publications
Gülle is about a village boy who makes his own marble and how that marble travels to a nearby town and then to the city. It is also about missing one’s birthplace and longing for it.
Getting Ready for an Earthquake with Barış
2000 İstanbul, AÇEV Publications
Getting Ready for an Earthquake with Barış is all about things we must do to protect ourselves in case of an earthquake.
Stories and Tales
2000 Kalan Music
Stories and Tales is a CD where Alpöge reads 13 of her own stories and tales in Turkish.
Sheets to the Wind - An Anthology of Works From Women Writers of the World
1998 Paris, Dancing Ink Press
Sheets to the Wind is an anthology published in France in English, of women writers of the world that contains two stories and two tales from Alpöge.
The Kite That Wanted the Moon
The Kite That Wanted the Moon is about finding peace and happiness within yourself even if you are away from your origins.
Ali the TV Boy
1995 İstanbul, AÇEV Publications
Ali the TV Boy is about a boy who finds other things to do when the TV does not work.
Lazy Keloğlan
1995 İstanbul, AÇEV Publications
Lazy Keloğlan is a tale retold about a Turkish character, Keloğlan, who is lazy but can solve problems when he decides to work.
Summer House
1995 İstanbul, AÇEV Publications
Summer House is a funny story about everyday mishaps.
1995 İstanbul, AÇEV Publications
Jobs is a book where different jobs are introduced.
Oh Water
1995 İstanbul, AÇEV Publications
Oh Water is about water and what we do with it.
All Children Like Ice Cream
1995 İstanbul, AÇEV Publications
All Children Like Ice Cream is about differences and similarities and how different people can enjoy each other.
Kaya Likes to Joke
1995 İstanbul, AÇEV Publications
Kaya Likes to Joke is about a mother and son working together with a lot of pun on words.
1995 İstanbul, AÇEV Publications
Şaşkın is about a silly dog that mixes things up and can’t find his way home until he discovers his sense of smell.
I Miss My Grandpa
1994 İstanbul, Kök Publishing
I Miss My Grandpa is about death. A boy has lost his grandfather and is sad. His mother helps him remember all the fun activities they did with his grandpa and tells him remembering will make him live in his memory.
Aslı is Waiting
1994 İstanbul, Günışığı Publishing
Aslı is Waiting is about the concept of time, about minutes, hours, days one must wait sometimes and about seasons and years and about growing up.
Le Chauve-Caresseux<br>(A Tale About a Bird)
1993 Paris, Anka, Revue d'Art et de Littérature de Turquie
A Tale About a Bird that learns to get his own food rather than steeling from others
1993 İstanbul, Ya-Pa Publishing
Keloğlan is another tale about the Turkish character Keloğlan.
Gül Sultan
1992 İstanbul, Ya-Pa Publishing
Gül Sultan is a tale about love and justice with a puzzle at the end.
Ömer at the Market
1992 İstanbul, Ya-Pa Publishing
Ömer at the Market is about a boy who goes to the market to buy some things for his mother and his effort to remember what to buy, with a twist at the end.
Ayşe’s Cat
1992 İstanbul, Ya-Pa Publishing
Ayşe’s Cat is a story about moving to a new house and a cat that does not want to leave his home.
My Sister Speaks
My Sister Speaks is a book where a girl describes her baby sister and all the noises she makes and the ones she hears. At the end, the baby starts to say the sister’s name which makes her happy. (This is a sound book.)
Little Murat
1991 İstanbul, Ya-Pa Publishing
Little Murat is a story about a boy who is tired of being called “little”. Then he visits his newborn cousin and realizes how big he is.
Mehmet’s Home
1991 İstanbul, Ya-Pa Publishing
Mehmet’s Home is about a boy who travels to the big city with his dog.
Animals’ Houses
1991 İstanbul, Ya-Pa Publishing
Animals’ Houses tells about different animals and how they make their nests and homes.
Around the World with Tales
1989 İstanbul, Redhouse Publications
Around the World with Tales contains tales from different parts of the world.
A Few Tales and A Few Poems
1983 İstanbul, Redhouse Publications
A Few Tales and A Few Poems contains a chapter on children’s literature and tales from Alpöge.
Stories to be used on flannel board
Eight flannel board stories.
Dripsy and Dropsy
1974 İstanbul, Arkın Publishing
Dripsy and Dropsy is about water and its phases told by two drops of water. (Shared the grand prize in Arkın Publishing.)