Gülçin Alpöge

When I was small, at an age when I should have asked for a toy or chocolate from my parents I wanted an alphabet book. Finally they realized I really wanted it and the book arrived. So I learned to read before I went to school. In school I fell upon magazines. I liked them because they could be interactive, that is magazines published pictures, poems, and stories that children sent them and answered their letters. I read a lot of books during my school years. Even today I enjoy reading children's books. I also like the sea, swimming, and riding in a boat. I love listening to music. I took piano lessons for 8 years but unfortunately I stopped playing. Now I continue listening and enjoying music.

I love children. I am an early childhood specialist. I worked in the establishment of two nursery schools. I was a nursery teacher for 5 years and I worked as a director for 8 years. So I know the kind of questions young children ask and I know their interests. When I write for children that is my point of departure. My first book Dripsy and Dropsy is a story about water. The Bug That Loved Lights is about energy and Aslı is Waiting is about the concept of time. All those come from children's questions.

I started writing after my son was born. When my son was 7 years old together we wrote a story called Mehmet's House. I write picture story books but I also enjoy tales; telling a tale, listening to a tale and re-writing a tale.

My first book was published in 1974. In 2014 I had an exhibit of my books to celebrate the 40th year of publication. I have only 30 books but I love them all. I also have read 13 of my stories to a CD and have plans of more CDs.